Advice to Master Bunkers

Hey Golf Addicts! 

After a long range session in the sand bunker, I would like to give you beginning golf addicts some advice to master your bunker play. My goal with this post to help you learn to get out of the sand in one swing and land safely on the green under normal conditions. Addicts, remember this advice is from an 8-9 handicap golfer determined to help those just starting out! What I have learned,  I will pass it on to all of you!

You'll notice that a lot of my posts focus on the short game, there is a reason for that.  I feel that my short game is my strength.  Now, I just need to fix up those long irons...

When I was in high school, I remember going to the local mini-course that had a very large practice area.  Learning to hit the bunkers first involves learning how to hit a flop shot. Some may disagree, but this is the exact method I used to successfully get up and down from the bunker. 

A flop shot is used to get the ball across potential hazards and land safely on the green with a high amount of spin, it's a high lob shot. First, have the proper equipment, a 56 degree or 60-degree wedge will do the trick. Find some rough grass give yourself a great lie and make sure the green is clear! 

Next, open the face just like you would do in the bunker, to master both bunker shots and flop shots you must produce a short speedy aggressive swing. Most amateur golfers are nervous when producing a flop or bunker shot because they lack the practice and skill. Your mission is to produce this type of feel, that you are sliding the club with clubface open right underneath the ball at a fast pace. make sure to follow through and hold your finish. When you produce the optimal shot, you'll see a high lob shot with a high rate of spin. 

To finish things up and practice bunker shots, use the same mindset as you did with the flop shot to enter the bunker. Draw a line in the sand a few inches behind the ball, your goal is the same slide that opens the club face with a high rate of speed and commitment right underneath the ball! My second tip with bunker play is to practice "slapping the sand" what I mean by that is when you play a bunker shot, the sand should be flying out of the bunker. If this isn't happening, your probably striking the ball and not sliding your open face right underneath the ball. 

Good Luck, Golf Addicts! 

The Golf Addict Team