Advice to the Beginner Golf Addict

Hey Golf Addicts! 

Firstly, welcome to our store and community! I personally want to thank you for visiting our store and checking out our blog. I want to share something interesting things I've learned during my time as a golfer. Avoiding this area in your game is where I see a lot of people struggle to reach their goals or put together a great round. Be warned, this is the advice of an 8-9 handicap golfer, who has won local amateur tournaments, not your local pro! I'm writing the first three blog post to help out the beginner, aspiring golfer, who is struggling to reach 100! 

What I see most new golfers doing, is focusing on the wrong part of their game. As I've gotten better and better with my own game, my short game, and putting, has been the answer to lower scores! If you are just starting out on your golfing journey I would suggest that you focus on the short game. 

The key to more enjoyable rounds and better play overall is having a clutch short game, and the ability to avoid three putts. I would focus your practice on honing in on putting, chipping, and pitching from a short distance. My best tip is using the ground to your advantage, you can learn the flop shots later! 

Take out your 7 or 8 iron and take a short, almost putting like stroke and use these clubs to chip it close. Many beginning golfers will take out a lob wedge or sand wedge even when their plenty of green to work with. There is no need to over complicate a simple chip, try out this method. 

The next step to tightening up your short game is honing in on putting. I can't tell you how often  I see people swinging driver after driver, but never practice putting. Solid putting can change your entire game or single round around. Practice lag putting from at least 30 feet away, get a feel for what works and practice under pressure,  Check out this drill! 

I will have one golf ball and practice lag putting from at least 30 feet to several different holes around the practice green. Here's the catch, I can't leave the green until I successfully 2-putt ten in a row. If you really struggle with lag putts, start with five in a row and work your way up. Next time you are on the course and feel the same pressure, you'll be ready. This is the same concept with the 7 iron chip from earlier, under pressure situations it's easier to make a putt-like stroke then a half swing with a 60-degree wedge. 

More quick tips to come, Addicts! 

The Golf Addict Team