Getting Started with The Game

Hey Golf Addicts! 

I'm writing this blog post after helping one of my closest friends get started with the basics of golf! If you have a friend that has never played the game before, they obviously have no idea what they're getting into! In my experience, they will either fall in love with it and become a golf addict or they'll lose interest fast after realizing how hard the game can be. It depends on the mindset of your friend and what their goals are. 

My advice, stick to teaching them the basics and let your local professional go into the in-depth swing habits. Today we went to the putting green worked on putting, and the basics of chipping and pitching, nothing even close to past 30 yards. This is the easiest way to teach a new golfer after making sure their grip is in a good position. 

I can't lie though, I was able to get an ex-girlfriend of mine to hit a pretty solid draw of the range mats... about half the time. I would say when teaching friends, it all comes down to your friend or partner. If they are just looking to mess around on the range go for it! Now, if they become golf addicts like us, stick to the basic shots, and set them up with a trusted professional to develop sound swing habits. 

April is coming fast, Golf Addicts!

The Golf Addicts Team